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Four young people recover from overdoses at Kendall Lake Park
Part of ‘national epidemic,’ says CPD chief
Kendall Lake Park
This picnic bench in Camden’s Kendall Lake Park is where three young men reportedly became unconscious on Tuesday after using what investigators believe was either fentanyl substituted for cocaine or cocaine laced with fentanyl. A young woman also became unconscious after taking what she thought was an oxycontin pill investigators also believe may have actually been fentanyl. All four recovered after first responders used NARCAN to revive them. Camden Police Department leadership says this is part of a national crisis involving fentanyl overdoses. (Betsy Greenway/C-I)
Since the first of the year, the Camden Police Department (CPD) has logged 11 cases of drug overdoses in the city of Camden. None were fatal, but the fact that four of them happened on one day and connected to the same case in the city’s Kendall Lake Park brought home what CPD Chief Joe Floyd called part of a “national epidemic.” It’s an epidemic that seems to be focused on one substance: fentanyl.