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Husband and wife released on bond in Adam Davis murder case
Dani Beebe
Peggy Danielle "Dani" Leforte Beebe
Clinton Beebe Web
Clinton Beebe - photo by C-I file photo

(From the editor: After the Chronicle-Independent went to press Thursday afternoon, C.W. Beebe was granted a bond to be released from jail. This online version of the story is different from the one printed in today's edition as it has been modified to reflect the new information. The date of their bond reconsideration hearing has also been corrected.)

Circuit Court Judge L. Casey Manning signed separate orders granting $150,000 bonds to Peggy Danielle "Dani" Leforte Beebe, 30, on Tuesday and, approximately 48 hours later on Thursday afternoon to her husband, Clinton Warren "C.W." Beebe, 38. The Beebes had been held without bond since their arrests by the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) in mid-October 2018 on murder charges for allegedly killing Adam Davis, of Bethune, who went missing during the last days of December 2016.

Manning allowed the Beebes to be released upon payment of $7,500 each, or 5 percent of their $150,000 bonds. Manning’s order for Dani Beebe's bond indicated he granted bond after considering information provided during an April 26 bond reconsideration hearing. The C-I was unable to view a copy of C.W. Beebe's bond order. However, based on information available through the Kershaw County Clerk of Court's office, it is believed the orders are at least similar if not identical.

The C-I, which was unable to attend the April 26 reconsideration hearing, is in the process of requesting a transcript of the proceeding.

Three months after his disappearance, in March 2017, deputies found Davis’ remains in an area off Post Road in Lee County, not far from S.C. 341. A year later, the Lee County Coroner confirmed Davis died from a gunshot wound to the head. Deputies found Davis’ body only after receiving a hand-written set of coordinates leading to the area in Lee County sent to them anonymously.

The KCSO arrested the Beebe’s after what former Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said was “long, hard work” by investigators who thought the Beebes were involved in some way from the beginning. At the time, Matthews said his office had presented that evidence to former 5th Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson in January 2018, but that it was not until that October that interim Solicitor Heather Weiss gave investigators the authorization to arrest the Beebes.

S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster removed Johnson from office in September 2018 following his indictment on embezzlement charges. Weiss stepped in until voters elected Byron Gipson and he took office this January.

Circuit Court Judge Allison Renee Lee denied the Beebes bond in November 2018. At that hearing, KCSO Inv. Justin Dill put forward what investigators had that lead to the Beebes’ arrests. Dill said C.W. Beebe claimed he and Davis had been at a bar together, but then left so Davis could purchase cocaine from a man described as Davis’ dealer. Dani said because she didn’t want either man driving drunk, she drove them to the drug dealer in her Acura SUV. In separate interviews, Dill said, the Beebes said they all went back to their house where C.W. Beebe soon fell asleep. Dani Beebe said she later joined her husband and they both claimed that went they woke up, Davis was gone.

Dill said there were problems with their stories, especially an explanation for why Dani Beebe had called her husband’s phone at a time when they and Davis should have all been in their home together.

The investigation led deputies to learn that the Acura SUV may have been scrapped, but found it intact at a Darlington yard and collected evidence, including what was thought to be a blood sample. They also determined one of the seats had been replaced. Tests on the substance found in the car turned out not to be blood, but did show that a cleaning agent had been used.

After obtaining a second search warrant, investigators found that sand had been poured in the SUV and found blood samples that had dripped down from the seat and pooled in the floorboard. That blood matched Davis’ DNA.

Dill also said that the spot in Lee County where Davis’ remains were found is close to the Beebes’ home, not far from the spot where Dani Beebe said she had driven to so Davis could buy his cocaine.

As part of granting the bond for Dani Beebe, who is represented by Jack Swerling, Manning ordered that she wear an electronic monitor, but can motion to have it removed after 60 to 90 days. In addition, she cannot live in the same community as the Davis family nor directly or indirectly have any contact with them. Manning also ordered her not to consume alcohol or use illegal drugs while out on bond.

The information available on the clerk of court's website regarding C.W. Beebe's bond had "Electronic Monitoring/No Contact with Victim/Victim's Family Directly/Indirectly" in a box labeled "Condition." C.W. Beebe is being represented by William Tetterton.