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KCSO investigating Bethune shooting
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The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) is investigating a shooting in Bethune on Friday night that left one man injured. Deputies are seeking the whereabouts of three suspects who reportedly forced their way into the victim’s home on Stephens Road.

According to a KCSO incident report supplied by Sheriff Lee Boan, deputies responding to the scene around 11:15 p.m. Friday were directed into the victim’s home by relatives. There, they found the 46-year-old male victim lying on the floor of the kitchen with multiple gunshot wounds. EMS personnel who arrived shortly afterward told deputies the man had been shot at least four times, with entry wounds to his left and right thighs.

The victim, who was conscious, told deputies that two to three men came to his door asking for someone named “Cory.” He said when he told the suspects he didn’t know anyone by that name, one of them kicked the door open and two other men came inside. The suspect who kicked the door was reportedly wearing a gray hoodie while the other two men were wearing masks, he said. The man said two of the men had handguns and that he fought with one of them to try to get the gun away, but was shot by the other armed suspect. He said one of the men might have been his own cousin, and that one of the other men might be from Bishopville.

Deputies found a fired round on the couch where the victim said he had been when the suspects knocked on the door. They also found spent 9mm and .40 caliber shell casings along with another fired round.

The victim said he thought he recognized two of the men by their voices and provided deputies with first, but not last names of the possible suspects. He said they took $1,000 cash of his income tax money he’d had on him.

After EMS transported the victim away from the scene, deputies spoke with several of his relatives. They told deputies they neither witnessed nor heard the shooting or anyone leaving the scene. They said they knew of only one person named “Cory” living in the area, but also said they believed the victim was not being entirely truthful about what happened.

Anyone with information about Friday night’s shooting is asked to please contact KCSO Investigator Davis at (803) 425-1512.