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KCSO seeks volunteers for advisory board
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The KCSO's new badge.

The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) is currently seeking volunteers to form the KCSO Citizens Advisory Board. According to a post on the KCSO’s Facebook page, the board will meet monthly or quarterly and receive reports from the KCSO command staff about current operations and resources. The board will then advise KCSO staff of concerns they have within their prospective communities.

“The board will have the ability to see all departmental resources available and have input as to how we can evenly distribute these resources throughout the entire county,” KCSO Chief Deputy Steve Knafelc said in the post. “This will not be a forum for personal complaints; it will be a meeting to solve problems and improve our services to the community as a whole. We are seeking a diverse group of citizens from all parts of our county.”

Interested persons are asked to send a letter with their name, address, phone number and email address to…

Kershaw County

Sheriff’s Office

Citizen Advisory Board

c/o Chief Deputy

Steve Knafelc

P.O. Box 70

Lugoff, SC 29078

…or email