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Man inadvertently prompts bomb scare at Hobby Lobby
Bomb Scare 1
Camden Police Department Capt. Tom Borowski (in shorts) speaks to officers a little before 8 p.m. Saturday, approximately 50 minutes after a suspicious package was found near Hobby Lobby’s front exit. A man left the package -- actually two cardboard boxes stacked atop each other -- near the bushes at the extreme left of the picture. (Martin L. Cahn/C-I)
An unidentified man apparently meant no harm when he dropped a couple of cardboard boxes on the sidewalk near Hobby Lobby’s front exit at Camden’s River Oaks Shopping Center on Saturday night and walked away. Unfortunately, due to the way the boxes looked, the act prompted a call to 911 for a suspicious package, the store and neighboring businesses to evacuate, and several agencies to respond to the scene.