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Sheriff wants to reform DUI laws
Lowell Stewart
Lowell Stewart, originally charged with felony DUI resulting in death in connection with the collision which killed Pine Grove firefighter DeWitt Peake, will only serve five years in prison minus time served due to what Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews says is a technicality involving a deputy's video of the arrest. Stewart could have faced up to 25 years in prison. - photo by KCDC website photo
Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews says too many guilty driving under the influence (DUI) offenders go unpunished or “underpunished.” The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCOS) regularly receives awards for enforcing South Carolina’s DUI laws, but Matthews said the way those laws are written often end up with less than optimal outcomes in his mind. For example, Matthews said, a recent case which resulted in the death of a county man resulted in a relatively mild punishment because of a technicality involving the arresting deputy’s video recording of a roadside sobriety test.

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