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Suspect, father charged with attempted murder in Lexington
Men in east Camden shooting also connected to earlier case nearby
Davis Mugshots
Anthony Gail Davis, 55 (left), and his son, Anthony Ryan Davis Jr., 28, both of Irmo, are suspects in two east Camden crimes -- a non-fatal shooting on Thursday morning on Roberts Avenue, and the April 11 burglary of a 1st Street residence where they allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill a woman living there. The father and son are currently being held in Lexington County on multiple charges resulting from an alleged road rage incident, also on Thursday, in that county. (Lexington County Sheriff’s Department Facebook photos)
Anthony Ryan Davis Jr., 28, the man named by the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office as the suspect in a non-fatal east Camden shooting on Thursday, now faces attempted murder charges in connection with a road rage incident in Lexington County.