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Two arrested after alleged gunfire

The Camden Police Department (CPD) and Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) arrested two men after one of the men flagged down a CPD officer on the night of Feb. 11. The CPD identified the men in a report as Savon Tyreek Atkinson, 21, of Vulcan Drive, Cassatt, and Sha’ Born Davis, 17, of Wateree Boulevard, Camden.

According to the CPD’s report, Atkinson flagged down officers on South Broad Street near Ehrenclou Drive, saying he had been shot at on Collins Circle -- which is not in Camden’s city limits -- after dropping off his cousin. He said he was approached Davis who he said asked him why he was in the area and then opened fire, striking Atkinson’s car.

An officer noted in the report that the car’s rear window had been shot out and that there were bullet holes in the trunk area and passenger side mirror. CPD officers called for Kershaw County deputies to come to the scene for the alleged shooting since Collins Circle is in the KCSO’s jurisdiction.

While another officer talked to Atkinson, the officer that had been flagged down noticed a black handgun on the rear driver’s side floorboard of Atkinson’s car. The officer decided to place Atkinson in investigative detention, but when he went to put handcuffs on him, Atkinson reportedly turned and tried to pull away. That officer and another on the scene got Atkinson under control and handcuffed him, but then noticed he had picked up something with his mouth. Atkinson reportedly failed to comply with instructions to spit the item out and had to be threatened with a Taser to do so. He then did so, and the item turned out to be a condom package -- and Atkinson had what appeared to be a white powdery substance in the corner of his mouth. The handgun turned out to be stolen out of Darlington County.

Officers transported Atkinson to the Kershaw County Detention Center where they charged him with unlawful possession of a handgun, possession of a stolen handgun and resisting municipal officers. According to online court and jail records, Atkinson is out on a total $9,000 bond.

Meanwhile, sheriff’s deputies charged Davis with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. A bonding company paid Davis’ total $30,000 bond on Feb. 27.