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Two arrested for attempted murder
Roniclette Alexander (W).jpg
Roniclette Alexander (Provided by the Kershaw County Detention Center)
Jameal Alexander.jpg
Jameal Alexander (Provided by the Kershaw County Detention Center)

The Camden Police Department (CPD) arrested two people on attempted murder charges in connection with a shooting incident that took place April 10 near the intersection of Gordon and 18th streets several blocks north of CPD headquarters.

Officers arrested Roniclette Joshanna Alexander, 19, whose last known address is at a Chestnut Street apartment, and her cousin, Jameal Rubion Alexander, 24, of Clearwater Lake Road, Camden.

Police took Roniclette Alexander into custody following a traffic stop Monday night involving a vehicle in which she was a passenger. CPD Chief Joe Floyd said a gun located in the car is one of several stolen during a burglary.

In what appeared to be an odd attempt to disguise herself, Roniclette Alexander dyed her hair teal on one side and a reddish pink on the other. CPD Capt. Herbie Fraser said it also appeared she was trying to leave the area to avoid arrest.

According to a CPD report, an officer on routine patrol around 8:40 p.m. Monday saw a white Mustang without a tag light and conducted a traffic stop on the shoulder of Laurens Street between Broad and Campbell streets. While obtaining the 20-year-old male driver’s information, he noticed the female passenger had blue and pink hair. When he asked her name, she responded that the officer should know who she was and then properly identified herself. The officer was able to have her step out of the car and handcuff without incident.

After having Roniclette Alexander stand by with another officer, the responding officer had the driver get out of the car and placed into investigative detention. The man -- identified in the report as Antwon Jerale Brailsford, of Black River Road, Rembert -- admitted to having a pocket knife, but claimed there were no other weapons, nor any narcotics. After having Roniclette Alexander transported to the county jail, the officer spoke further with Brailsford and asked for consent to search the vehicle. Brailsford declined, but the officer reported detecting the odor of alcohol coming from the driver and conducted a series of sobriety tests, which the man passed. However, since Brailsford admitted to having one drink, the officer said he was going to search the car for any open containers.

During that search, the officer found a 9mm handgun in the center console loaded with one round in the chamber, as well as additional, fully loaded magazines. Brailsford admitted the gun was his, but that he did not have a concealed weapons permit. He also claimed he purchased the weapon at a gun show. However, dispatchers traced the weapon to a 2017 burglary in Camden.

At that point, the officer arrested Brailsford for possession of a stolen pistol and took him to jail as well. The officer reported that in addition to the gun itself, he seized a total of 28 rounds of 9mm ammunition from the magazines, 10 of which were hollow point and the other 18 full metal jacket. He also found two white latex gloves being used to hold another 94 rounds of ammunition (15 full metal jacket and 79 hollow point).

Officers charged Jameal Alexander after his mother arranged to have him meet with a Kershaw County deputy, Fraser said. The deputy met them near I-20 Exit 98 around noon Tuesday. Fraser said the deputy arrested Jameal Alexander and immediately brought him to CPD headquarters.

According to the CPD report of the shooting, dispatchers said there had been multiple shots fired and that witnesses preliminarily described the vehicles involved as a red Dodge Challenger and a light blue Toyota Rav-4 that were headed south on Gordon Street.

Responding officers canvassed the area, but were unable to locate the vehicles. After speaking with one of the witnesses, officers located and collected multiple shell casings from an area that witness said the shots had come from. The witness said he also had video of the shooting incident from his home camera system. He also said that one of the suspects -- with long dreads -- was hanging out of the driver’s side back passenger window of the Rav-4 shooting at the Challenger. Fraser confirmed Jameal Alexander allegedly shot at the Challenger by hanging out of the Rav-4’s window while his cousin drove the vehicle.

Fraser said officers have charged both Alexanders with attempted murder, and Roniclette Alexander with an additional charge of reckless driving.

In Kershaw County, online court records show Jameal Alexander with arrests and conviction only for speeding more than 25 mph and no driver’s license, both from a Dec. 19, 2017, arrest. A search of Roniclette Alexander did not return any results for Kershaw County.

Fraser said it is possible that other suspects may be arrested. He said anyone with further information about the case should call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC or the police department at (803) 425-6025.