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NCHS' Thomasson named Principal of the Year
Worth and sign
North Central High School Principal Worth Thomasson (right) was recently named Kershaw County School District (KCSD) Principal of the Year. Shirley Halley (center), a school board member and one of Thomasson's former teachers, recently made the announcement along with KCSD Superintendent Dr. Frank Morgan.
When Kershaw County School District (KCSD) Superintendent Dr. Frank Morgan asked North Central High School (NCHS) Principal Worth Thomasson if he knew of any former Bethune High School teachers, Thomasson didn’t really think anything out of the ordinary. “I really just thought we were having a casual conversation … and knowing Mrs. (Shirley) Halley had just gotten elected to the school board, I told him that she had taught at Bethune High School for a long time,” he said. So when Halley, who also happened to be one of Thomasson’s former high school teachers, walked into an administrators’ meeting a week later and announced he had been named KCSD Principal of the Year, Thomasson said he was floored.