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All-County Academic Teams: 20 years
Upchurch & Jowers celebrates two decades of countys top students
Scheuer Siblings
The Scheuer siblings on a family ski trip: (from left) Aaron, Jack, Abi and Luke. Abi Scheuer Smith was the first to land on the All-County Academic Team in 1996, followed by Jack in 1998, Luke in 2000 and Aaron in 2001. Their mother, Maci Scheuer, said she had no clue what common trait they shared other than theyre all smart. Another family, the Whites, have had five children on the academic team: Nathan (1997), Laura (1999), Becky (2000), Katie (2005) and Rachel (2010). - photo by Provided by the Scheuer family
A conversation 20 years ago between Victor Jowers and his wife, Sarah, created an academic legacy which has lasted ever since. Jowers said he was looking at the Chronicle-Independent and other newspapers and saw how they were recognizing the county’s top athletes. “They were listing the all-county football team and I asked her, ‘Why don’t academics ever get recognized?’” he said.