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Audit shows KCSD finances strong

The financial health of the Kershaw County School District’s (KCSD) was once again reported to be in good shape according to an external independent auditor.

According to a KCSD press release, Larry Finney of Greene Finney Certified Public Accountants presented the firm’s audit of the district’s 2017-18 financial statements as required by law at the Nov. 20 Kershaw County School Board meeting. He said that the district received the best review possible with an “unmodified opinion.”

KCSD also received a “no deficiencies” opinion for its internal controls over financial reporting.

Finney described an audit as one of a district’s report cards and said that these results are “as good as it gets.” He said that the district is in good financial condition and congratulated the school board, administration and finance department for doing an effective job managing its budget. He urged KCSD officials to “keep doing what you are doing” and said the school board ought to be pleased with these results.

The auditor also praised the school board for its leadership in continuing to build a healthy fund balance, which helps improve the district’s credit rating, assists with cash flow needs and allows the district to avoid short term borrowing for operations.