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CES students celebrate Veterans Day
CES - Boys With Boxes
CES fourth graders show off some of the care package boxes the school plans to send to troops in Afghanistan. Students have a goal of filling 100 boxes by mid-November. - photo by Paula Joseph
It is unlikely the lively curiosity-laden kindergarten students at Camden Elementary are aware of the fact that historic Flanders Fields is a real place as they march into the gymnasium at their school’s Veterans Day program this morning carrying the bright red paper poppies they have made. It is unlikely this group of sunny 5-year olds has ever seen a field of real poppies blowing in the wind. It is unlikely any of the students at Camden Elementary will ever know the tremendous anguish Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae felt those 17 days as he treated the injured in World War I. It is unlikely these students will ever know the sadness McCrae felt as he buried his good friend in a field of poppies.