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CMS, CHS, L-EHS academic teams head to state championships
Quiz Bowl Teams - L-EHS
Lugoff-Elgin High Schools Division I High School quiz bowl team features (front row, left to right) Blaine Burris, Aayahna Herbert, Kathleen Nesmith, Victoria Miles, Robert Bliss, Zane Nayfeh, (back row) Ross Stevens, Leyia Grant, Tripp Keeffe, Kimberly Rozier and Devin Reeder. - photo by Provided by the KCSD
Do you know the answers to these questions (answers at end of story): • What Italian island south of Corsica gave its name to small, often canned, edible fish? • What surname is common to a president, filmmaker, the man who killed Jesse James and an auto company? • What was the family name of the Scottish monarchs (1371 to 1714) and English monarchs (1603 to 1714)? • In terms of pi, what is the circumference of this circle: (x+3) squared plus (y+5) square = 18? • Dogberry and Verges are comic constables in what Shakespearean play? These are some of the types of questions asked during academic challenge “quiz bowls.” This school year marked the first during which the Kershaw County School District (KCSD) formed quiz bowl teams in its middle and high schools.