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Feature photo: Reading Celebration Day
NCMS-Renaissance hats on reading day
Students at North Central Middle School (NCMS) don renaissance hats on Reading Celebration Day, a focus on making reading more pleasurable rather than for just passing a test. Through a grant from International Paper Company, NCMS selected eight of 20 S.C. Junior Book Award Nominee books. The students wearing the hats are (seated, left to right) Lily Crosby, Megan Mizer, Olivia Walsh, Savannah Rabon, Rebecca Greenway, Breanna Bowen, Hannah Parker, Casey Gibson, Branna Thomas, Elizabeth Touchberry, Desira Langley, Casey Stephens, Angela Childress, Scarlett Jones, Brianna Aldridge, Brea Knight; (front row) Constance Torres, Jewell Evans, Destiny Tucker, Madison Hodge, Alexis Lumpkin, Claudia Ramirez, Brianna Caldwell, Jessica Rutherford, Kirsten Hayes; (back row) Celina Alexander, Cacee Majors, Kara Roberts, Kimberly Wallace, Kelsey Price, Savannah Majors, Haley Bracey and Sherry Hunter.