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KCSD creates Phase 2 Web page
WES bathroom
A heater hanging from the ceiling of one of Wateree Elementary Schools (WES) bathrooms -- which are separated from the school itself -- serves as an example of needs that could be met in Phase 2 of the Kershaw County School Districts Facilities Equalization Plan. Officials say that the schools Florida-style classrooms are too small for students. A 2005 study by Heery International rated as Fair to Poor. - photo by Photos courtesy of the KCSD
Kershaw County citizens interested in Kershaw County School District’s (KCSD) Phase 2 plans for the its Facility Equalization Plan (FEP) can now find all relevant information about the proposed changes on the district’s website. The district launched an information page last Thursday after holding two of six community meetings it is holding on FEP Phase 2 throughout the county. The link to the Phase 2 information can be found on the right side of the district’s homepage of the as “Phase 2 Facilities Equalization.”