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KCSD scholarships at an all-time record high
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Kershaw County School District (KCSD) seniors in the graduating class of 2014 earned an all-time record high amount of college scholarship money with over $11.6 million awarded.

“This is incredible news,” KCSD Superintendent Dr. Frank Morgan said. “With the rising costs of higher education, our families are obviously especially pleased with this figure but it also shows how the hard work and efforts of our students and staff have literally paid off.”

The 703 KCSD graduates earned $11,666,002 in scholarship money for the next four years. This year’s amount is almost double the $6.6 million earned by the class of 2013 KCSD graduates and is a little more than a million dollars more than the previous all-time record high amount of $10.66 million earned by the class of 2012 KCSD graduates.

Morgan said that this year’s scholarship amount earned per student is also a record high amount of $16,594.60.

Scholarship totals earned by school are as follows:

Camden High School -- 206 graduates, $3.886 million

Lugoff-Elgin High School -- 392 graduates, $5.942 million

North Central High School -- 105 graduates, $1.838 million