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L.F.B.C. kids learn about fire safety
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April McCaas Class at Lugoff First Baptist (above) was one of the classes that learned about fire safety and prevention from the Lugoff Fire Department. Students also got to visit a fire truck and meet firefighters.
Firefighters from the Lugoff Fire Department recently visited the Lugoff First Baptist Church Child Care Center to promote fire and life safety initiatives to children and adults. Firefighters taught children and adults about exiting the home during a fire or smoke alarm alert, how to meet at the family meeting place away from the home, the dangers of smoke from a fire, what to do if their clothes catch on fire, to never go back inside a home once outside during a fire, not to stop and pick up toys or dolls on the way out of a home, the dangers of matches, lighters, and candles, and how to stay low on the ground when exiting a home filled with smoke. After the presentation, firefighters put on their fire gear in front of the kids to teach them not to fear firefighters when they come to help them.