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Memories of Memorial Hall
Memorial Hall 2
Memorial Hall, once part of both the former Camden Middle School and the original site of Camden High School on Laurens Street, was recently demolished to make way for additional parking at Grace Episcopal Church. - photo by Mike Mischner
When Tony Boykin stepped into the Camden High School’s (CHS) old building on Laurens Street more than 40 years ago, he had no way of knowing how many memories would be created in Memorial Hall. He probably never thought that he would meet teachers that he would still remember today, including “Bulldog Wilson” -- a teacher Boykin said was about 4-feet-8-inches and carried around a paddle that would “lift your feet off the floor.” And then there was Rubye Zimmerman, Boykin’s ninth grade algebra teacher, who awarded board credits to her students for answering questions correctly on the blackboard.