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Montessori School seeks charter school status
John Moncure - cropped
Dr. John Moncure, headmaster of the Montessori School of Camden (MSC), in his office. Moncure, his staff and the MSC board are working toward obtaining public charter school status. For 35 years, MSC has operated as a private, tuition-funded school. - photo by Simone T. Owens
The Montessori School of Camden (MSC) is taking the necessary steps to become a charter school -- an independently run public school subject to its own laws -- after having served Kershaw County as a private institution for 35 years. The school is applying to become a public charter school beginning August 2015 in the S.C. Public Charter School District (SCPCSD), which supervises and funds approximately 33 public charter schools in South Carolina If MSC becomes part of the SCPCSD, it will become the fourth charter Montessori school in the state. MSC Headmaster Dr. John Moncure said the decision to convert was made based on the need to grow the charter school movement and give more families the opportunity to pursue a Montessori education.