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NCHS closes gender gap with AP Computer Science
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North Central High School (NCHS) is one of only 10 South Carolina high schools to receive national recognition for having a high percentage of female students take and pass the AP Computer Science exam.

NCHS recently received the College Board’s AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award, which recognizes schools that are closing the gender gap and engaging more female students in computer science coursework in AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A. The award honors schools who reached 50 percent or higher female representation in either of the science courses in 2018, or whose percentage of the female examinees met or exceeded that of the school’s female population in 2018.

Out of more than 18,000 secondary schools worldwide that offer AP courses, only 685 achieved this honor.

Librarian Bambi Ferrer taught NCHS’ class.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach computer science and especially to help bridge the gender gap in this field,” she said. “Coding and computer science are critical in every facet of our lives, and it is important for students of all walks of life to be exposed to this discipline and realize that they can help shape the future.”

Ferrer’s students appreciated the educational opportunity.

“Taking the class helped me become more efficient in computers,” student Abby Catoe said. “The experience really helped me become emerged in the technology, and it gave me a great hands-on learning experience.”

Student Julianne Outlaw agreed.

“The course was very challenging because I am not normally a tech person, but I was proud of myself for passing the AP exam. The course was a fun experience overall, and I am glad I took AP Computer Science Principles. I know the skills I learned will help me in my future,” Julianne said.