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Order in the class
SEAGUL students study legal system
Judge David Reuwer expands on ideas that will help students with their own mock trial.JPG
Reuwer (right, standing) helps explain proper courtroom protocol. William Tetteron (left) acts as prosecutor for the trial; Dennis Cannon portrays a witness. - photo by Miciah Bennett
Sixth-graders in Kershaw County’s Special Educational Activities Geared for Unique Learning (SEAGUL) program got the opportunity to witness a mock trial put on by local members of South Carolina’s judicial system. Dennis Cannon Jr. of Dennis N. Cannon Jr. PC, William Tetterton of Tetterton Law Firm; George W. Speedy and Zach Atkinson of Speedy, Tanner & Atkinson, LLC; and Judge David Reuwer of Elgin participated. It was a case of shoplifting in the mock trial of The State of South Carolina vs.