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School board recognizes arts grants recipients
KCSD receives highest amount of arts grants funds in state
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Three strings students from Stover Middle School, along with their teacher, performed for the board prior to the recognitions. From left are Leland Sample, Amanda Spencer, Asia Bouvian and teacher Mary Ford. - photo by Provided by the KCSD


The Kershaw County Board of School Trustees recognized several district teachers of the arts during its meeting Tuesday at the Kershaw County School District (KCSD) district offices.

But first, the board was able to enjoy first-hand some of the arts taught in the district as three Stover Middle School musicians -- strings students Leland Sample, Amanda Spencer and Asia Bouvian and their teacher, Mary Ford -- gave a short but well-received performance.

In addition to the valuable service they render the district by their teaching, these teachers have also helped the district financially. In fact, this group of teachers is responsible for securing more arts grants funds than any other school district in South Carolina, KCSD Superintendent Dr. Frank Morgan said.

“I’d like to recognize our arts teachers who have received grants from the S.C. Arts Commission and the S.C. Department of Education (SCDE) that provide close to $160,000 in additional resources for our arts programs,” Morgan said.

These grants included:

• A $18,792 Arts Commission grant allows the district to pursue implementation of the five-year strategic plan that was created by a district steering committee. The plan’s four major goals include delivering comprehensive arts education for all students, providing arts staff development for all teachers, building community partnerships and establishing proper facilities and resources for teaching and integrating the arts.  

• The $140,197 in SCDEgrants provide a variety of arts-related learning at 11 KCSD schools.

• Three schools, Bethune Elementary, Blaney Elementary and North Central Middle, each received a $4,000 SCDE Innovative Arts Works Grant to provide arts materials, schedule artists in residence and tours of area arts exhibits and museums. 

• Seven schools -- Camden Elementary, Doby’s Mill Elementary, Jackson, Pine Tree Hill Elementary, Camden Middle, Lugoff-Elgin High and North Central High -- each earned a Distinguished Arts Program Grant to schedule artists in residence, enhance arts libraries, add outdoor musical playground equipment and provide arts materials.

• Lugoff-Elgin Middle received a $3,000 SCDE grant to develop a three-five year strategic plan. 

Those receiving Distinguished Arts Program Grants included:

• Camden Elementary School, Grant Manager, Regina McDonald, Music Teacher; Principal. Carol Przybyla.

• Doby’s Mill Elementary School, Grant Manager, Helen Walker, Music Teacher; Interim Principal, Linda Hall.

• Jackson School, Grant Manager, Terdell Mealing, Music Teacher; Principal, Matia Goodwin

• Pine Tree Hill Elementary School, Grant Manager, Angie Lawson, Music Teacher; Melissa Royalty, Principal.

• Camden Middle School, Grant Manager, Ike Pitts, Chorus Teacher; Principal, Byron Johnson.

• Lugoff-Elgin High School, Grant Manager, Lindsay Alexander, Dance Teacher and Mary O’Connor, Drama Teacher; Principal, Worth Thomasson.

• North Central High School, Grant Manager, Valarie Johnson, Theater Teacher; Principal, David Branham.

Innovative Arts Works Grants recipients included:

• Blaney Elementary School, Grant Manager, Janet Wilhite, Music Teacher; Principal, Ed Yount.

• North Central Middle School,  Grant Manager, Lesli Pate, Visual Art Teacher; Principal, Burchell Richardson.

• Bethune Elementary School, Grant Manager, Amber Pitts, Music Teacher, Principal, Estelle Benson.

Strategic Arts Planning Grant recipients included:

• Lugoff-Elgin Middle School, Grant Manager, Chris Meserve, Band Director; Principal, Karen Bullard.

Other business discussed:

• The board heard an update from Morgan on a proposed revision of the policy regarding the naming of facilities in the district.

Under the policy, there are two circumstances in which naming rights may be granted by the board: naming rights in recognition and naming rights in consideration. This revision mostly addresses the section covering naming rights in consideration, which are granted in consideration of financial contributions, sponsorships, or other such commercial transactions.

“This conversation basically started with discussions revolving around Zemp Stadium, however, it’s not a conversation limited to us,” Morgan noted. “In fact, it’s a conversation going on all over the country, as school districts seek additional revenues for facilities.”

Basically, the intent of any revision to this policy is to give the board latitude to make such decisions, Morgan said.

• The board heard an update on ongoing construction projects from Billy Smith.

• The board heard an update from Trustee Todd McDonald regarding the ad hoc committee studying growth and SRO funding.

• The board went into executive session to hear information about a proposed Fee In Lieu in Taxes agreement.

The board’s next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 20 in the district offices in Camden. Meetings are open to the public.