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Unplugd 12
DMES librarian disconnects at Canadian retreat
Unplugd Group Shot
Dobys Mill Elementary librarian Betsy Long (fourth row, third from left in light blue shirt) and educators from Canada, the U.S. and Australia ditched their electronics for a chance to connect face-to-face during an Unplugd retreat in August. The group spent a weekend in Canadas Algonquian Park sharing experiences, making connections and discussing what is important in education.
Doby’s Mill Elementary School (DMES) Librarian Betsy Long spent a weekend in with no electricity with her online friends in August. Long was selected for Unplug’d ’12, a retreat that allows educators to “disconnect to connect.” After being encouraged to submit an application by a Canadian principal she met several years ago through an online network, Long was selected for the four-day retreat in a “remote” area of Canada.