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Welcome to Beta
CMS -- Beta Club Induction
A number of students were recently inducted into the new Beta Club at Camden Middle School. Inductees included (first row) Connor Newman, Delaney McLaughlin, Abigail McLaughlin, Madaline Johnson, Kaitlynn Stephens, Modyes Sutton, (second row) Alexis McLeod, Laken Bradley, Rebekah Wallace, Margaret Lackey, Orlandria McCray, Sloane Neal, Natalie Horton, Shan Woody, Katelyn Beckwith, Abigail Baytes, Leah Ray, Lindsay Pierce, Blake Brown, Molly Creel, Grace Smith, Larkin Kelly, Elizabeth Brown, Amanda Lane, Kennedi Stokes, (third row) Grace Piccione, Sydney Conto, Alejandra Vergara, Jayda Chisolm, Mya Izzard, Courtney Elliott, Mac Lindsay, Nicholas Butler, Audrey Buchanan, Hunter Sanders, Will Conder, Thomas Marshall, Todd Kahler, Collin Davis, Morgan Schoolfield, Anna-Marie Schnese, Megan Cash, Allen Roberts, (fourth row) Maegan Albert, Trey Watkins, Lauryn Shell, Hannah Munn, Faith Grant, Devin Beckley, John Cantey, Emma Buchanan, Parker Rankin, Christian Flick, Dylan Reyes, Alyssa Gaskins, Kiaya Weathers, Chance Kahler and Gray Batten. Students Shania Steele, Taylor Jordan, Angie Gimmi, Robbie Robinson, Monea Key, Mea Key and Taylor White were also inducted.