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Janine Hagopian, a former South Carolina resident currently living in Huntsville, Ala., talks about the effects of opioid withdrawal she suffered after taking benzodiazepine for 15 years under her doctors supervision during a special summit March 26 at the Jackson Teen Center. Hagopian said she did not she was suffering withdrawal symptoms until she spoke with a pharmacist weeks after stopping the medication. - photo by Martin L. Cahn
Janine Hagopian said that if opioid addiction were classified as a disease, it would be designated as a pandemic, with more deaths from overdoses in 2017 than soldiers who died in the entire Vietnam War. “Of the 65,000 death last year that involved overdoses, a majority involved opioids, but in combination with that, 31 percent involved benzodiazepine,” Hagopian, a South Carolina native current living in Huntsville, Ala., told those gathered for an opioid summit at the Jackson Teen Center on March 26 (see main story). Hagopian should know, and talked about her experience in front of an audience for this time ever at the JTC. She is among the large number of Americans recovering from the effects of prescription drugs, and not just those classified as opioids.