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A fiery tragedy
Cleveland School House blaze remembered on 89th anniversary
Cleveland School fire 1.JPG
Local friends, family and firefighters placed flowers next to a memorial at the site of the Cleveland School House fire during a recent ceremony honoring the victims and survivors of the fatal 1923 event. - photo by Michael Ulmer
Victims and survivors of the 1923 Cleveland School House fire were memorialized recently as family, friends and firefighters from across the state gathered to observe the 89th anniversary of the tragic event. Ken Kerber, president of the South Carolina Firefighters Association, said the memorial service was held not only to remember those lost in the tragedy, but also as a reminder of the fire safety regulations implemented soon after the incident. Seventy-seven lives were lost in the disaster after an oil lamp hanging from a nail atop the school’s auditorium fell during an end-of-the-year graduation play.