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County coroner disputes DHEC COVID death count
David West at Computer
Kershaw County Coroner David West looks over his list of Kershaw County deaths associated with the COVID-19 novel coronavirus in his office on Wednesday morning. The list includes 26 people as of that evening, 24 of whom make up his official count because they are county residents. The other two are people who died in Kershaw County, but are from other counties. West is disputing DHEC’s claim that 32 Kershaw County residents have died in the county from the coronavirus. He says he is frustrated with the lack of communication from DHEC and the agency’s unwillingness to share information that would assist him in properly counting COVID-19 deaths. Wednesday, West said he will subpoena the agency for the documentation he needs. (Martin L. Cahn)
Kershaw County Coroner David West reported the 24th death of a Kershaw County resident from the COVID-19 novel coronavirus on Wednesday night. It was, he said, an elderly Camden woman with underlying conditions.