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County council to consider accessory structure ordinance
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Kershaw County Council’s first meeting of 2019, complete with new councilman Rev. David Snodgrass on board, will include consideration of first reading of an amendment to an ordinance governing accessory structures and uses.

Specifically, the ordinance will address the use of shipping containers as accessory structures. Currently, the ordinance prohibits the use of shipping containers as accessory buildings in any land use zone in the county. Under the amendment, shipping containers would be conditionally permitted in certain zones under the following conditions:

They cannot be used as principal use or structures;

They shall not be located in front of any principal building or structure;

They shall not be located in any required side or rear yard set back;

They shall not be placed or stored on any lot or parcel for sale or distribution;

They shall be structurally sound, rust and damage free, absent of holes, properly maintained at all times, and free of any advertising, posters, bills, graffiti or other deteriorating impacts;

They shall not be stacked;

They shall be permanently screened from public view; and

The number of accessory shipping containers shall not exceed one per establishment or lot, except where the building to which it is accessory exceeds 20,000 square feet, then an additional shipping container may be established for each 20,000 square feet, or fraction thereof, provided they meet all other requirements.

Council will present a resolution honoring former Sheriff Jim Matthews for his years of service to the county as well as consider passage of a resolution approving a proviso as to annual leave. Council will also receive information regarding a parking lot improvement project for the detention center and consider a reappointment to the recreation commission.

Kershaw County Council meets today at 5:30 p.m. in the County Government Center, 515 Walnut St., Camden. Meetings are open to the public.