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East Camden man gets head start on the holidays
Lights 1
Hundreds of lights shine on the frame of this old baby carriage in James and Linda Thomas’ yard off Brewer Springs Road not far from Swift Creek on Tuesday evening. While this isn’t the first year James Thomas has lit up his yard for the holidays, his decorations boast thousands of lights on trees, his home and as part of other holiday-themed displays. He said it took about two weeks to install the lights. (Martin L. Cahn/C-I)
James Thomas said he lost count of how many Christmas lights he put up recently not long after he started installing them. A hundred here, 200 there, 2,500 over there ... his recitation went on and on. There could be as many as 10,000 lights -- probably more -- adorning trees, a baby carriage, wagon wheel, faux willow tree, and other decorations in his and his wife, Linda’s yard off Brewer Springs Road in east Camden.