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Firearms Discharge Committee discusses issues
Gun Committee
Kevin Rhodes, the Kershaw County School Districts project director for its Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative and a member of the new Kershaw County Firearms Discharge Committee, makes a point during the committees first meeting Monday evening as committee member David Higgins (center) listens and committee secretary Ann Carruth (far right) takes notes. Behind the committee members are (from left) Kershaw County Clerk to Council Merri Seigler and Assistant County Administrator Allen Trapp. - photo by Gary Phillips
The newly-formed Kershaw County Firearms Discharge Committee met Monday and took the first steps toward crafting a compromise ordinance that could satisfy gun enthusiasts as well as property owners with concerns about firearms being used in their neighborhoods. Kershaw County Councilman Sammie Tucker Jr. organized the 11-member committee. Tucker said his goal is to have balanced representation from both sides of the issue.