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Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week Prayer Vigil
prayer vigil

On November 17, the United Way of Kershaw County (UWKC) hosted a Candlelight Vigil at Hampton Park in Camden to recognize Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. During the week of Nov. 15-21, various events were held to bring awareness of hunger and homelessness in the community. A food drive also was held to collect items for food pantries in Kershaw County. UWKC President Donny Supplee said the UWKC has future plans for a food bank. “We are looking at having a food bank that would supply the 16 different food pantries throughout the county. There is Harvest Hope in Columbia but for some folks, it is difficult to get there. We found out during the flood there were a lot of people who were suffering because there was more need than supply,” Supplee said. He also said a food bank would allow for more food from the community not to be wasted. “The hope is that we can turn the warehouse into a big food pantry where restaurants, grocery stores and some others can donate to us and we could distribute to our food pantries ... basically we want to get food to those who need it throughout the county,” Supplee said.