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KCC discusses, passes cell tower zoning amendment
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Along with appointing three new members to the KershawHealth Board of Trustees at its meeting Tuesday, Kershaw County Council also unanimously passed second reading of an ordinance amending the county’s code of zoning and land development regulations concerning communication towers, antennas and the definition of a "fall zone." The vote came after county resident Martin Deputy voiced concern during council’s public comment time that the passing of the amendment to change the zoning was made arbitrarily and that he did not agree with decreasing the distance between towers from 5,000 feet to 1,500 feet. The amendment would also allow property owners to grant an easement for cell towers to be installed within their property "so long as no structure is in the fall zone easement area" and defines fall zone as "the area on the ground equal to the height of the tower as measured from all points at ground level."