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KCC nixes sewer sale, approves study of alternatives
SCWU at Council
South Carolina Water Utility (SCWU) President Craig Sorenson (bottom, center) makes a point while responding to a question from Kershaw County Council Chairman Julian Burns (top, center) during a discussion on Councilman Jimmy Jones’ (top, second from right) proposal to sell the county’s sewer system to a company like Sorenson’s. In addition to other members of council and county administrators, Sorenson is joined at bottom right by Michael Cartin, business development director for SCWU’s parent company, SouthWest Water Company.
Through a pair of split votes, Kershaw County Council voted down a proposal by Councilman Jimmy Jones to consider selling the county’s sewer system to a private entity, but then approved a motion from Vice Chairman Sammie Tucker Jr. to study all alternatives, including expanding the wastewater treatment plant.