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Kershaw County Council gives first reading approval to towing business regulations
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Kershaw County Council passed first reading of a proposal to amend the county’s policy on towing service business regulations in B2 business zones during Tuesday night’s meeting. The ordinance would add several requirements for motor vehicle towing businesses in B-2 zones, including: The business site shall not be larger than 2 acres The owner/operator of the business shall hold all required state and local licenses Vehicular ingress and egress shall be limited to one point for each side of the property All vehicles and activies not fully enclosed within buildings shall be enclosed by a permanent opaque privacy fence or wall at least six feet high No activities such as vehicle repair, maintenance, crushing or body work shall take place between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. The pattern of light pooling shall be carefully considered to avoid throwing light onto adjacent properties, nor shall there be no direct or sky reflected glare visible in any residence. This would include glare from floodlights, welding, or other sources.