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Kershaw County Council to take up jail transfer request
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The first item under “New Business” on Kershaw County Council’s agenda for today is Kershaw County Sheriff Lee Boan’s request to transfer authority over the Kershaw County Detention Center (KCDC) to the sheriff’s office.

Boan first asked council to consider the request in a letter he sent to members in mid-June. He formalized that request during a presentation to council on July 9, explaining that sheriff’s have traditionally held control of their jails in South Carolina, with approximately 75 percent of the state’s sheriff’s currently doing so.

Boan also argued that combining the KCDC with the sheriff’s office would save money, streamline training and transportation, and give non-certified law enforcement officers more opportunities for jobs and advancement.

At the July 9 meeting, council decided to wait until its next meeting to further discuss, and possibly vote on, the idea. Council cancelled its second July meeting, making today the first opportunity they have had to do this. Council has also cancelled its second August meeting, and the agenda calls for a vote on whether or not to cancel the second meetings in October and November.

In a text message Monday afternoon, Boan said he expected to know the outcome during tonight’s meeting.

Also on today’s agenda, council will take up first reading of an ordinance to convey .35 acres from the county to the Bethune Rural Water Company.

Under old business, council will discuss, and possibly take action on, extending water lines to Doby’s Mill Fire Department and up S.C. 5, as well as restoration of retirement benefits.

In addition to Boan’s request and voting on the Oct. 22 and Nov. 26 council meetings, under new business, the agenda includes:

•  an Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee appointment;

• Clean Community Commission appointments;

• Kershaw County Library appointments;

• a bid to renovate the main library’s conference room;

• a bid to renovate the Elgin 1 and 2 water pumps; and

• an administrator’s recognition.

Today’s meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. in council chambers at the Kershaw County Government Center, 515 Walnut St., Camden, and is open to the public.