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No calls for county-wide face mask mandate at KCC meeting
County Council 070320
Kershaw County Councilman Jimmy Jones (second from right) puts on a face mask during Tuesday’s council meeting during a discussion about the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. Jones stated at previous meetings he would not wear a mask unless mandated to do so, and when the meeting began nearly an hour earlier, he was the only council member not wearing one. However, he said he decided to put one on both because the city of Camden had passed a mandate to do so starting today, and for fellow Councilman Tom Gardner, who dealt with a major health issue earlier this year. Despite the discussion, no one on council called for an amendment to the agenda to consider a face mask mandate ordinance, or suggested that one be considered at a future meeting.
Kershaw County Council spent most of a special called meeting Tuesday focused on passing third and final reading of the county’s proposed Fiscal Year 2021 with one day to spare. The new fiscal year started Wednesday. Council canceled its normal June 23 meeting in favor of one Tuesday in order to gain as much information about what legislators might do with the state budget before passing the county’s budget.