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UWKC honors Kimpton with Jake Watson Award
An emotional Steve Kimpton (left) reacts on Friday after realizing his family had been watching via Zoom as he received the United Way of Kershaw County’s (UWKC) 2020 Jake Watson Award for exemplary volunteer service. Kimpton and his wife, Katie (right), are leaving the area soon and thought Friday’s event was just a farewell luncheon being given by his fellow UWKC board members. It wasn’t until after some kind words from those present that UWKC President Donny Supplee stood to present him with the award that Kimpton realized what happening.
Each year, the United Way of Kershaw County (UWKC) honors an individual, group or organization with the Jake Watson Award. The Jake Watson Award is a celebration of leadership that gives recognition for exemplary volunteer service to a citizen of Kershaw County.