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Elgin cuts ribbon on remodeled town hall
Mayor Brad Hanley cutting the ribbon
Elgin Mayor Brad Hanley (center) cuts the ribbon to the remodeled Elgin Town Hall. - photo by Denise Schnese

Elgin Mayor Brad Hanley and Elgin Town Council cut the ribbon Thursday, rededicating newly remodeled Elgin Town Hall.

Completed renovations include a new municipal courtroom, administrative area and offices for the Elgin Police Department. Elgin Town Council also commissioned local artist Susan Harkey to create a town seal which currently hangs in the courtroom.

The Blaney Fire Department moved from town hall last year to a new station on Main Street, beside the Elgin area recycling center. The open space allowed town officials to expand and update its existing departments.

According to Hanley, the original contract price for the remodeling was approximately $104,000. However, with adding asbestos abatement plus furnishings, the actual cost was roughly $116,000.

When asked how the changes would benefit the town, Councilwoman Melissa Emmons deemed the renovation to be a good decision financially.

"The renovations are the best decision we have made financially, because now we have all of our operations under one roof. Now we are going to be efficient and effective," Emmons said. "Everything is in the center of town, which makes it quicker for the police to respond. It also makes it easier running both departments out of the same building."

Hanley, too, spoke of the potential savings which are expected to result from the changes.

"We are not sure of future costs for operation, but we will save $900 a month for rent that we were paying for the (previous) police building on Green Hill Road -- so that is a known, direct savings," Hanley said. "We think we will save on utilities because of the up-to-date and heavy insulation in the new facility and the high efficiency HVAC system, even though we increased square footage by (approximately) 30 percent."

The "open house" event included Town Attorney John Wells; town judges David Reuwer and Judge Dennis Arledge; and S.C. State Rep. Laurie Slade-Funderburk as speakers. Harkey also presented a portrait of Police Chief Harold Brown, which she donated to the town in recognition for his service to the Elgin community. After the ceremony, visitors and guests enjoyed light refreshments and mingled as they toured the facility.