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L-EWA approves Elgin project
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The Lugoff-Elgin Water Authority (L-EWA) approved a new infrastructure project in Elgin during its monthly meeting Thursday.

General Manager Mike Hancock presented the proposal, which would allow water to be run to potential customers located off of Wildwood in Elgin just west of Laurel Ridge Subdivision.

“By investing in new infrastructure through in-house construction we can serve the 32 houses along Wildwood West and Brookside Lane,” said Hancock. “This construction will provide drinking water and fire protection. By expending the funds and making this investment it will not only benefit our community, but the authority’s finances as well.”

The proposal to allow the construction of the project and to allow Hancock to expend the necessary funds was approved by unanimous vote.

L-EWA’s November meeting also included a tour of the water treatment plant facility as well as the presentation of auditing reports.

Previous L-EWA General Manager Randy Bowers offered a brief tour of the Wateree Dam Road facility, which included sedimentation chambers and the filtration system.

Auditor Marc Wood with Sheheen, Hancock and Godwin, LLP, then spoke briefly about the authority’s finances, saying “the district had another unqualified opinion which is the best opinion you can get … congratulations to the district on that.”

According to the audit report, total revenues for the authority were $4.84 million; total operating expenses were $3.2 million, which led to $1.64 million of operating income.

“The net income for the year was a $412,988 which is $275,290 over what was budgeted … In today’s economy that is pretty good. Everyone is to be commended,” said Wood.

Following Wood’s summary, motions to approve minutes from the October 4, 2012 meeting, monthly financials and water reports were unanimously approved as written.

The L-EWA is a special purpose district formed by Act 784 of the South Carolina Legislature in 1964. The group is governed by a seven member Board of Directors.

The L-EWA services customers in Kershaw, Fairfield and Richland Counties. Board meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm. The meetings are open to the public and are held at the L-EWA’s office, located at 88 Boulware Road, Lugoff.