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L-EWA to extend Rabon Road line
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The Lugoff-Elgin Water Authority (L-EWA) Board of Directors voted unanimously to extend a water line on Rabon Road to include six more homes. The vote came after Rabon Road resident Brandy Husdon requested for the L-EWA to do so. During June’s meeting, Hudson presented a jar of water from her residence to the L-EWA board. Hudson explained that the current well water supply had high levels of iron deposits that tinted it a dark yellow. She also explained that some residents had to use bottled water for cleaning and cooking while others were using water filters. The L-EWA board asked General Manager Mike Hancock to collect information from the residents of the roads about their interest in the L-EWA extending their line to provide them water. Hudson was asked to collect a list of names of residents who would be willing to pay for L-EWA to provide water. During July’s meeting, Hudson presented the list to the board and Hancock recommended that the board extend the line.

The L-EWA estimated it will cost approximately $59,000 to provide water to the residents. Construction is scheduled to begin later this year.

In other business, Hancock made a presentation addressing a request that the board assist the Longview subdivision project off Symrna Road in Elgin. The issue was bought before the board during June’s meeting. Hancock recommended that the board not provide incentives for the Longview subdivision due to the fact that doing so would further stretch L-EWA’s limited construction and maintenance capabilities as well as overtask L-EWA employees. Hancock also presented financial reasons that he could not recommend that action to the board. He stated that taking on the Longview subdivision project would require the L-EWA to hire more employees and purchase more equipment which would add unnecessary financial stress. He also referred to several instances that required the L-EWA’s emergency attention and financing.

“It would be a large hit to our budget; an increase that we are not ready for,” Hancock said concerning the Longview subdivision project.