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Risvold steps down from Elgin Town Council
larry risvold
Larry Risvold - photo by C-I file photo

With only two months remaining in his term, Elgin Town Councilman Larry Risvold has resigned. Risvold did so by sending a letter to Mayor Brad Hanley which the mayor read to other members of council at their meeting Jan. 8.

Councilwoman Melissa Emmons expressed disappointment at hearing of Risvold’s resignation, but said she enjoyed serving with him.

“I wish him the best in his future endeavors,” Emmons said.

Hanley provided a copy of the resignation letter to the Chronicle-Independent, but said he was not sure why Risvold resigned rather than just complete his term.

Risvold opens the letter by discussing why he ran four years ago: “stopping the building of the new $1.2 million Town Hall,” a plan council later scrapped. He also said he ran to make sure the town launched a website, which it has.

Risvold then expresses concern for some national issues.

“With the coming of the New Year, the most important thing the town council does is to be good stewards of the people’s money. No other duty is more important which is why I am concerned about the 2013 – 2014 Elgin budget and budgets to follow,” Risvold wrote. “With the reelection of President Obama, the Affordable Health Care coming on line, the $16 trillion Federal Deficit, endless presidential executive orders and no plan on fixing the federal deficit, I expect the state of South Carolina and Kershaw County, at best, to hold their own but more realistically get worse in their fiscal concerns in the upcoming years.”

Risvold then ended the letter by “back dating” his resignation to have been effective as of Dec. 31.

Elgin’s next election is set for Feb. 5 with two open seats, including Risvold’s. Even if he had simply chosen not to run, Risvold’s term would have ended when new members take the oath of office in March. The other open seat belongs to Councilman Roger Ross.

During the meeting, council reviewed financial information with Hanley noting a significant increase in the police fines collected for the month of December. Lost revenue collected for the month of November was recorded at $20,364, down 19 percent from projected income.

Other business included the request for a traffic light at the intersection of Pine and Main streets; clean-up of properties neighboring Elgin Town Hall; and the concern for a lack of an emergency water supply for the town.  A representative of the Blaney/Elgin Historical Society presented a request for written confirmation from the town concerning the donation of a building adjacent to the Elgin branch of the Kershaw County Library. The site has been proposed as the future location of the Blaney/Elgin Museum.

Also, organizers met Jan. 10 to begin plans for the Elgin “PoDunk” Festival to be held April 20.  Council also scheduled an additional meeting for Thursday to discuss water and power plans for a park.