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Silvers sworn in at Elgin Town Council
Silvers swearing in WEB
Candy Silvers (left) is sworn into Elgin Town Council by Mayor Brad Hanley (right). - photo by Photo courtesy of Candy Silvers

Councilwoman Candy Silvers was sworn in as a member of Elgin Town Council during council’s meeting July 2. Silvers served on Elgin’s Planning and Zoning commission before being elected to council. She joins council members Melissa Emmons, Dana Sloan and Edward Smith.

In other business during the meeting, Elgin resident Scotty Jacobs expressed concerns about the Blaney Fire Department not being a 24-hour working station and being exclusively manned by part-time personnel. Jacobs is a member of the Lugoff Fire Board and is a 25-year veteran of the Columbia Fire Department.

“Volunteer firefighters take a little longer to respond … it’s not as direct and quick a response,” said Elgin Mayor Brad Hanley.

Blaney Fire Department is staffed by volunteer firefighters.

Jacobs said he plans to meet with Kershaw County Council to request that a special tax district be created to make the Blaney Fire Department a county paid and staffed fire department.

Hanley says residents within the Elgin Fire District would have to pay for additional manpower and staff.

“We’d all like that. The question is, are residents willing to pay for it?” Hanley asked.

Jacobs also suggested that paying for a staffed fire department might improve the fire station’s Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating.

“The ISO rating is related to the equipment that a fire department has and the response time that they would have to a fire or disaster in their area of service … it’s a rating used by insurance companies,” Hanley said.

Council expressed its support of Jacob’s points.

Also Hanley announced a new business license for Patriot Defensive Solutions, formerly called Elgin Gun Sales Inc.

Hanley also noted that revenue for the town of Elgin is satisfactory. Revenue for the month of June will be reviewed to determine if any recommended changes need to be made to the upcoming budget.

Judy Darby-Buchanan, who recently retired as town clerk and clerk of courts after 18 years, thanked council through a thank-you card read by Mayor Hanley.