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Snuggle Bunny Scooter Pies reaches out to Elgin and beyond
Power Up Girls cropped


It’s hard to forget a name like Snuggle Bunny Scooter Pies, and the Elgin organization is hoping that local residents in need will remember it.

“We want the community to know that there are people who will give without any strings attached,” SBSP member Kim Rich said.

Rich, along with Sonja Howe and Paula Fambrough founded the organization in 2012.

“I think of my daughter’s smile and the joy she’s bought to my life,” Rich said of the Snuggle Bunny Scooter Pies’ unique name -- taken from her affectionate nickname for her daughter.

The purpose of SBSP is to “bring joy, peace and resources to those in need with the gifts God entrusts” and the organization works to do so in the community.

SBSP recently donated money to Elgin Town Council during its May meeting. The money, raised from Movies on Main proceeds, will benefit Elgin’s Toy Roundup.

SBSP also used Movies on Main to collect toothbrushes, soap, socks and personal hygiene items to benefit community members in West, Texas, affected by the April fertilizer plant explosion.

While SBSP has assisted with disaster relief outside of South Carolina, the organization’s main area of service is for Kershaw County and the Midlands. Rich wants the organization to be a resource for people here.

“A lot of times we get so involved in our own lives that we forget about our neighbors … some people need resources but they don’t qualify for help -- we can do something,” Rich said.

She emphasized that it can often be difficult for some community members to get the help they need because they don’t meet certain qualifications. SBSP is collecting cans to stock its pantry in hopes of distributing food to anyone who expresses a need.

In addition to lending a helping hand, Snuggle Bunny Scooter Pies also knows how to have fun.

In 2012, the organization hosted a Power Up Girls weekend for the first 20 women who signed up. The women spent the weekend cooking, doing Bible studies and enjoying fellowship.

“I made some new friends …. Everyone had something to offer from experiences in their life. We wanted to develop a network,” Rich said.

She said she has written grants so that Snuggle Bunny Scooter Pies can receive non-profit status. Until then, SBSP will continue raising money and planning volunteer events.

Rich often asks for donations to help run the organization. She encourages others who are interested in volunteering not to be stopped by the fear of rejection.

“People are afraid that they are going to be told no, so they are scared to ask … but God wouldn’t have put it in your head if he didn’t want you to do it”

Rich encouraged people to visit the group’s Facebook page at to see updates about what the organization is up to and ways to help.

“It’s God’s organization not ours, just serving Him and doing things that we love.” Rich said.