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Long-time Camden resident part of historic WWII mission
Bill Major died Sunday at 92
Bill Major - military
Bill Major in his Army Air Corps uniform before being sent to Saipan and Tinian from which he would help crew B-29s and other aircraft involved in bombing runs over Tokyo and the atomic bomb drops at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. - photo by Provided by William "Rusty" Major
It took 40 years for William G. “Bill” Major, who died Sunday at the age of 92, to talk about what he saw in the early days of August 1945. According to his son, William “Rusty” Major, his father entered the military in 1943 while transferring from Wofford University to Furman University. Commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army Air Corps, Bill Major ended up becoming one of the few “triple rated” flyers in World War II -- bombardier, navigator, pilot.