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Vietnam veterans, airborne soldiers honored
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Camden Mayor Tony Scully gives a brief overview of the symbolism of the flag commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War during a ceremony held Tuesday morning at Camden City Hall. The center red, white and blue inner ring represents the colors of the U.S. flag. The outer black ring represents prisoners of war and those missing in action. The center circle is a map of Vietnam surrounded by the areas of operation where U.S. Armed Forces served. - photo by Jim Tatum
November 11 may be officially known as Veterans Day, but Tuesday veterans of the Vietnam War as well as veterans of the 505th Infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne were honored for their sacrifice and service. The City of Camden, Hobkirk Hill Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, and members of area veterans organizations including American Legion Post 17 and Marine Corps League Detachment 1146 gathered at City Hall Tuesday morning for a special ceremony: the presentation and flying of a flag commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. The ceremony was organized by the Hobkirk Hill Chapter of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution.