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2021 Year in Review - Part One
Crime, COVID dominate first third of the year
2021- Officers in Front of House
Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd (left, wearing ball cap) and Capt. Tom Borowski (second from right) speak with unidentified S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) agents outside of 1615 Lyttleton St., the site of a double homicide discovered after a fire at the home on Jan. 10. (C-I file photo)
Many of the year’s top stories in Kershaw County for 2021 were crime-related, including during the first third of the year from January to April. COVID continued to dominate life in the county and its many communities, from record high infection rates to continued debate over face masks and other preventive measures. Other aspects of healthcare -- especially what would happen to KershawHealth -- also featured prominently during the year.