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2021 Year in Review - Part Two
RevWar Center and more from May to August
Grasso 123121
Retired Pvt. Anthony Grasso offers a salute during a special Memorial Day Weekend ceremony in May at the grave of the late 1st Lt. Frank Dubose of Camden, who saved Grasso’s life in a World War II battle at Hurtgen Forest on Nov. 2, 1944. Grasso and his family, from Massachusetts and Hilton Head Island, made the trip to Camden’s Quaker Cemetery for an emotional farewell between the two friends and soldiers. (C-I file photo)
Being in the middle isn’t always bad. For instance, the middle of 2021 -- May through August -- had a lot of news to report, from sewer proposals and graduation ceremonies, to Prestage Farms’ big announcement and the opening of the Revolutionary War Visitors Center.