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5 Questions with...
Tyrrell 'Rock' Coleman, CPD Detective
Tyrrell Rock Coleman
Tyrrell 'Rock' Coleman

Q: What or who inspired you to go into law enforcement and how did you get your start?

A: Law enforcement is something that I always wanted do. There is no one person who inspired me; it was just a passion of mine. Law enforcement is something that I’ve always wanted to do.

Q: How long have you worked for the Camden Police Department (CPD) and what is your current role?

A: I’m heading into my third year and I have been the Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.) officer for about a year and a half now. I am (also) the public relations officer -- I am the bridge between the community and police department.

(Editor’s note: Detective Coleman previously worked for the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office, including being a part of the security detail at the Kershaw County Courthouse. He has been a law enforcement officer for eight and a half years.)

Q: What do you believe is the best way for law enforcement and the public to work together to keep our neighborhoods safe?

A: I think individuals reporting suspicious activity and crimes in their communities, or anywhere, is very important. The information we have received from the public has allowed us to solve a lot of cases. Having said that, it is important for us to take each report from the public and follow through with it. This will ensure that we continue to receive this valuable information from the public. Accountability of the police officer is the best way to build public trust; communication and respect are the keys.

Q: Tell us about your family -- do you have any children?

A: I am a husband and dedicated father of two children -- a daughter, 14, and son, 7.

Q: Finally, how did you end up with the nickname “Rock”?

A: The name Rock came from my Uncle Terry from some early childhood adventures and it just stuck with me after that.