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5 Questions with...
Dr. Connie Long, KCSD
Connie Long

Q: Who are three African American pioneers to whom you look up?

A: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -- He was an activist, but brought about understanding and change in unconventional ways.

Harriett Tubman -- She was a leader whose ideals were not deterred by threats. She had an incredible mission and worked feverishly to fulfill it.

President Obama -- I believe that he is a bright and charismatic leader who continues to climb an uphill battle, but he handles issues with such grace and humility.

Q:  Why is it so important to celebrate Black History Month?

A: Personally, I believe the celebration should take place throughout the year. I understand that a month devoted to the accomplishments of African Americans is important since it allows people to focus their attention on the topic during a designated time, but the information should be incorporated throughout the curriculum and throughout other life experiences. We need to move beyond the simple awareness that is required to cover these accomplishments and delve into the details of our history, using every opportunity to educate.

Q:  What is your role with the Kershaw County School District?

A: I am the assistant superintendent for human resources. My department is responsible for all aspects of personnel from interviewing potential employees to processing data and hiring, including professional development, informing employees of benefits options, etc. In most cases our work ends with the discontinuance of district service. Therefore, our relationship with any employee can continue for more than 30 years.

Q: Who was your favorite music artist when you were a teenager?

A: I had “several” favorites, but one of the most memorable artists was Lionel Ritchie (and the Commodores).

Q: If you won the $52 million Mega Millions jackpot tomorrow, what is the first thing you would do with your money?

A: I would thank God first, but this would be the dual purpose for the money:

I would use most of the money to focus on the church’s role in community missions. I would also use a portion of the money to offer to schools to support efforts to make students as highly competitive as possible in the workplace.